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Food In An Indian Wedding

Whenever you think of an Indian Wedding, don’t your eyes search for the food counter? Doesn’t it quite happen that you anxiously wait to grab and dig into the scrumptious food that has been laid out for you. And without any second thought, you simply make your way down to the food section to partake in “shaadi ka khaana” . There are not one but several reasons why the wedding food is considered to be important in an Indian Wedding. There is a special taste that you find in this food, there is this special charm in a wedding food that gives an added taste to it. A taste that will attract you towards itself no matter in which corner you are. And that is what makes an Indian wedding complete. The family makes sure that they treat their guests with food which would straight­away make way to their soul.
Over the years the food in an Indian Wedding has also evolved. Mostly an Indian Wedding comprises of North Indian Food ranging from kebabs, kathi rolls, paneer tikkas to all kinds of lip­smacking sabzis and fancy naans and rotis. And finally a dessert to end your gastronomical journey. Burrrrrpppp! But wait, how can you not have food from the Indian streetside food stalls. They are as yummy as they can get. But gone are the days when North Indian food and street food used to be the “typical” Indian Wedding food, now with the changing times people have also found their love for Italian, Chinese, Continental and Mexican Food. While, you might be sitting with a plate of chole­bhature there might be someone next to you enjoying his lasagne or mexican rice. And when it comes to the desserts, let me tell you that ice­creams, sweets and jalebis are now being replaced by tiramisus and mousses. Or a jalebi alongside vanilla ice­cream. Quite fancy eh?.
And if you are planning to make your wedding a multi­cuisine affair then Aman Akash Party Plot is the place to be. With its ample space, the place sets up the perfect ambience for you. Good Food, Good Ambience. Let the good times roll!

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