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International Weddings At Aman Akash Party Plot

All this while if you have ever thought that Aman Akash Party Plot is home to only Indian weddings then it’s high time you change the way you have been thinking. For, with a wide area that is spread upto 90,000 sq feet and an ample space that boasts upto 10,000 guests Aman Akash Party Plot could soon turnout to be a new host for international weddings.
Already ranked as one of the best international party plots, don’t be surprised if you find “firangis” dancing to the tunes of Indian music or in that case, leaving behind salsa and continental dance moves at one end and making “thumkas” to the typical indian wedding songs. You fancy Italian, American and endless number of cuisines to make your wedding “special”, but days seem not that far when Aman Akash Party Plot could well see people from all round the globe keeping themselves busy with endless number of conversations over Paneer­Tikka or going ga­ga over some savoury Naan and Paneer ki Sabzi and finally adding a sweet blend into their wedding­meal by having endless number of gulab­jamuns and rosogollas. Let alone the food part,what a typical sight would it be if the couple embrace each other with flower garlands just like how we Indians do and the list may go on and on and on…
Well, the international wedding can go the way it wants to as Aman Akash Party Plot is ready with open arms to embrace all kinds of ideas, for it will deliver whatever is expected, leaving nothing behind when it comes to standard and the so­called “class”. And with such great hospitality and services as their strongest weapon, keep a watch on how Aman Akash Party Plot soon turns out to be a pivot for International weddings, making the world a happier place!

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