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Unique ideas for a wedding

Let not your wedding turn out to be as “Just another wedding” for everyone, rather make it as lively and happening as you can, so that your wedding is remembered in the years to come. Here are some ways in which you can make this day even more special and unique.



Give your guests a place to mingle in between dance breaks by  creating a lounge area near your reception. Fill the place with couches and chairs and plenty of pillows for them to sink into. Decorate the place in the best possible way. It’s a perfect way to keep everyone on in the party even when they are resting. Want to add a wow element? Close off the areas with curtains to create a VIP vibe.



Welcome your guests with welcome bags and make them feel valued, because sometimes a simple “Namaste” is not enough. Add an individual welcome note in the bag along with some chocolates, snacks and flowers. And they are surely going to love and appreciate this nice gesture.



Having a photo booth is a sure fire way to capture memories a photographer might miss. Arrange all kinds of funky props for your photo booth, to get your guests in the mood. Capture beautiful moments and later on you can send  these photos with a thank you note. Sounds interesting right?



Just when everyone thinks the fun is winding down, you can surprise ’em all by laying out some delightful midnight snacks to kill their hunger pangs. Include some delightful  knick-knacks like cookies, pastries, rolls, etc… and let them rejoice over this.


There are not one but many such commendable things which you can do for your guests and make this wedding affair not only the best but also an unforgettable one. Aman Akash Party Plot is the perfect place to execute your awesome and unique ideas.

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