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Wedding Goals

“Meri shaadi ye jawani hai deewani theme pe hogi”
“Meri shaadi pe toh mai khoob naachunga”
Haven’t you been a part of such conversations with your friends wherein you simply plan your wedding in your head and get excited about it? Haven’t you had expectations about how your wedding would turn out to be? How many times have you thought “yaar meri wedding best honi chahie?” You create your own lil world of wedding fantasies and try to make sure that each of your wedding goals gets fulfilled. And why not, afterall this once in a life­time most awaited thing has to be nothing short of a gala affair.
Right from lip­smacking food and all the“dhoom dhadaka” on your wedding day to a lovely romantic honey­moon location, the list of your wedding goal seems to go on and on and on until you realise if all of this would ever come true? Well, no need to compromise on your wedding goals and keep your chin low, simply cheer up as Aman Akash Party Plot would make sure that your wedding goals doesn’t simply remain as “goals”. Right from a quintessential ambience, jaw­dropping themes, wonderful display of jitter and jatter to delicious food and what not! Keep jotting down your wedding goals and be very sure that all of this would be just like how you want it to be, so that you are in your high spirits on your wedding day.
All special things in life needs an exceptional start to it, so does the journey to your ever­lasting lovelife so that in this journey of love when you look back you have a tale to tell, feel loved and simply smile when you think of how it all started and fall in love all over again with the same person everyday. *Goosebumps*

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