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Wedding Themes

Weddings have taken a complete make­over and weddings now, no more means a beautiful pandal, a fancy stage, good food, No sir! It is not the same now
Today, everything is being done to make a wedding as an “event”. Various themes are being added to make it as an extravagant affair. And believe it or not, but people from all age ­groups seem to be loving it. They seem to be liking this change and being a part of this change.
Weddings are now being based on themes, themes straight from bollywood to holllywood and beyond. There are marriages being done with a Bollywood theme. You will find all the pretty ladies, wearing all those fancy lehengas and saris that your favourite actress had worn in a wedding. Some even go for a retro dressup taking you back to the 70s era. While men, they are not far behind. All dressed up in BigB’s, Ranbir Kapoors and SRKs. Fancy props, photobooths and whatnot! While, there are hollywood themes as well which will leave you awe­struck.Talking about themes, there are themes like vintage themes, garden themes, award night themes and wherever your imagination can take you upto. They just add charm and aura to your wedding. They take your wedding to a whole new level. The fun and the excitement just doubles up.
And guess what? Have a theme in mind? Planning to make your wedding exceptional? Aman Akash Party Plot will make it a BIG success.

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