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The word ”wedding” marks such an important affair in the lives of an Indian family. A wedding is not only about the two people who are getting married but involves their family, friends and relatives who look forward to this day with so much of enthusiasm and excitement. Generally, days prior to the wedding, the relatives and friends of the bride and the bride-groom come over to enjoy all the Rasams that are held which set up the tone for the grand wedding . While some just look forward to hog onto delicious food, some are busy shopping so that they are at their best when it comes to the day of the wedding and  there are others who simply love to have never-ending  discussions and talks over a cup of tea or coffee. And amidst all of this, the bride and the bride-groom are busy looking after every little thing to make their wedding as one of the most memorable episode of their life. Houses are decorated, Pandaals are set up and everyone is in their high spirits as  they wait for that special day when the bride and the bride-groom are going to tie the knot. And finally when the day arrives,the happiness and the excitement cannot be matched amidst the Band, Baaja and the Baraat. Everyone is dressed impressively and looks charming as they dance to the loud music.People who have been invited  come over with gifts which they give to the couple as a blessing.The major attraction that you are going to find in an Indian wedding is the food, as there are different varieties of lip smacking food that are laid out for you to indulge in. And finally the eye turner is the time when the bride and the bridegroom appear in front of everyone. They are dressed in beautiful clothes and they look stunning. And then begins the wedding ceremony which goes on for the entire night and the two lovely people commit themselves to each other after performing the holy rituals. This is indeed a nostalgic moment as the two of them take vows to begin a new chapter in their life which they will be writing together. After the wedding is over, there is a reception party that is held wherein the couple throw a party to their near and dear ones and the two families get a chance to interact with each other and know each other. Don’t forget, you are going to find awesome food here as well. All in all, an Indian wedding is something that shouldn’t be missed and is a very important day for the Indians.

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