Aman Aakash evokes and restores traditional values in people's lives while creating a magnificent backdrop against which you can host your very personalised celebration. Let us at Aman Aakash take care of all event arrangements so you can partake in the joy of the occasion. Located at Ahmedabad in India, Aman Aakash offers unique facilities to include the Main Court spread over beautifully landscaped gardens that can host events and celebrations from 10 to 10,000 guests.

Hanging Plants

Aman Aakash has a main court that is over 90,000 Sq.ft. It has in addition to this multiple smaller venues and courts where smaller functions can be hosted. Aman Aakash also has four very well appointed Lounge Suites, with their private courts.

The smaller garden court can host a function of 50-250 guests and has its own serving pantry. This is ideal for your smaller celebrations like birthday parties, engagements, anniversaries, business parties, etc.